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A long time ago…

My last post is more than 6 months ago -I am so sorry about that!
But I was a lot of underway and practise myself.
And also I relocated. yeah! Got a new room and new stuff – awesome. its more than brilliant. xD
btw: there are a lot of nice new products – which i cant buy.
That’s likewise a reason – why i am offline – i work after school to afford my user manual costum bike.

But what’s happening in my last 6 months?
As already mentioned i drove a lot of bmx.
likewise i have to study – to complete my grammar school education – okay, it takes a lot of time since i am rally findesh xD 1 year, maybe? I hope so. haha.

and what will happening next time?
Me and 3 friends opened a bmx travel-workshop for children which are 7 years till 14 years old.
We plan to travel to Europe – Kemer or to Bogazkent in Belek – thats in Turkey.
There are a lot of nice spots. My Friend – he’s also my partner – was in his vacaution there.
He told us that there are nice spots, nice sea and nice weather – most of the time.
We’ve maild the hoteldirector and hope that they gave us more favorable conditions – or maybe sponsord us. that would be really great! But now its time for wait and hope.
see ya !


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enjoy 2010

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• 6061-T6 aluminium Nabengehäuse
• heat-treated cr-mo Hohlachse und Bolzen
• sealed bearing
• spezielle Aufhängung für 14mm Ausfallende
• 14mm crmo Hohlachse
• RHD und LHD möglich durch Flip-Flop System
• für 13 und 14 Zähne Ritzel passend
• Gewicht: 315 g

Von 89.95 jetzt nur noch 49.95

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you can buy out now the new eclat 2010 and wethepeople 2010 stuff in germany (cologne)

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The word was on the street that Bjoern has big Nike display in a sneaker store in Cologne downtown. So we got up early and checked that out

Besides yours truely wethepeople and Shadow Conspiarcy, Bjoern also rides for Nike 6.0
It was just a matter of time until they would print Bjoerns well formed ass on a big poster. The rumors were true and so we jumped on the racebikes and checked it out.

up to the downtown shoping center and looking for some hot Bjoern Elvering posters.

Finaly we made it and found the big sneakerstore and we were both stoked!

Next stop, coffee and breakfast. A good old german breakfast, no baked beans, no crossaint just pure and delicious!

It’s about time to go to work. Moltke str. calling and kids need new stuff from People’s Store.

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Here is a lil interview with Andrew Jackson (22) sponsored among others by wethepeople.

Interview by DIGBMX.com

Frame: Wethepeople Sleepless
Fork: Wethepeople Helium 25 degree offset
Bars: Wethepeople Helium
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Bar ends: Eclat
Stem: Wethepeople Supreme
Seat: Eclat one piece
Seat Post: Built in
Clamp: Built in
Cranks: Wethepeople Royals
Sprocket: Wethepeople Supreme
Pedals: Odyssey Plastics
Chain: KMC, I think
Rear Wheel: Wethepeople 9 tooth
Front Wheel: Wethepeople
Rear Tire: Wethepeople grippin
Front Tire: FAF
Weight of bike: LIGHT

The bars are cut down to about 26 or 27 inches and I cut the rear axle down.

Describe your personal bike setup.
I asked Lil’ Jon and he said “janky” so I’m going with that.

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag.
I definitely don’t have a personal tool bag. I hate working on my bike.

What part do you wear through the quickest?
Pedals for sure.

What part do you break most often?
Nothing has broken lately. “Knock on wood.”

Do you patch flat tires or get new tubes?
Tubes for sure. It’s 2009, you can’t be riding on patched tubes.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?
The front of my bike.

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them?
Kids in my area.

Who builds your wheels? Anything special about them?
Me. They wobble? I don’t know…

Cassette or freecoaster?
I go back and forth sometimes, but I like cassettes better.

Left side drive or right side drive?

Kevlar bead or regular bead?
Kevlar. It’s lighter and you don’t need tire levers to change them.

Plastic pedals or metal?
Plastic for sure. I hate shinners.

Photos by Rob Dolecki

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To BMX in the UK must be awesome!
There are very nice spots!
WeThePeople shows some nice actors!
stand up yourself!


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