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A long time ago…

My last post is more than 6 months ago -I am so sorry about that!
But I was a lot of underway and practise myself.
And also I relocated. yeah! Got a new room and new stuff – awesome. its more than brilliant. xD
btw: there are a lot of nice new products – which i cant buy.
That’s likewise a reason – why i am offline – i work after school to afford my user manual costum bike.

But what’s happening in my last 6 months?
As already mentioned i drove a lot of bmx.
likewise i have to study – to complete my grammar school education – okay, it takes a lot of time since i am rally findesh xD 1 year, maybe? I hope so. haha.

and what will happening next time?
Me and 3 friends opened a bmx travel-workshop for children which are 7 years till 14 years old.
We plan to travel to Europe – Kemer or to Bogazkent in Belek – thats in Turkey.
There are a lot of nice spots. My Friend – he’s also my partner – was in his vacaution there.
He told us that there are nice spots, nice sea and nice weather – most of the time.
We’ve maild the hoteldirector and hope that they gave us more favorable conditions – or maybe sponsord us. that would be really great! But now its time for wait and hope.
see ya !


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