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Animal Promo in Cologne at 07. may 2010


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Max Gaerting

Date of birth?!

Where are you from?
Bonn, Germany

Who do you ride for?
WeThePeople, Animal, Skavenger, Lotek, Ezekiel/MadeIn Distro, LaFinca Distro

Describe your current bike setup in three words.
Warriors Ride, YO

Can you lace a wheel?
As long as Billy is still around,yeah

What got you into riding small kids bikes?
A friend of mine had a BMX like 10 years ago and when I tried jumping with it, it was the most fun thing ever.he let me borrow it from time to time,but the following birthday I got my own bike

How many autographs did you sign?
Only the one on Yaks Butt (and i still love it! yak)

Do you have any interests besides riding?
Yeah, Simpsons,American Dad, Frasier, Law&Order, SouthPark, Futurama, My name is Earl, Robot Chicken, Curb your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Chappelles Show

BBQ or Veggieburger?!
Monster Burger at Vera`s in Vancouver

Cigarettes or chewinggum?
I like both

What’s in your pockets?
A dinosaur, pack of newports, my girlfriend

What do you bring with you when you go out riding?
Depends on the day, sometimes nothing, sometimes tools or something to drink

Name 5 things you always bring on a roadtrip.
BMX, passport, tools, IPod, book

Name your 5 favorites songs of all time
Theres too much good music to only mention 5 songs…but I have a favorite American Dad episode: “Phantom of the telethon”, and the one Seinfeld episode when Newman tries to get out of a speeding ticket because he could never become a banker. the simpsons episodes with Hank Scorpio or the one with the stonecutters are classics as well. Actually that band Deichkind is probably one of my favorite ever.

Places you visited so far.
I visit Spain and New Jersey pretty much each year, my favorite places so far were Italy ( Best food ), Poland, England, which has a great BMX scene, and all the places in the US where I can get a good burger.

Give me a random party story
Like two weeks ago, Billy passed this crazy exam and we had selfmade Long Island Ice Teas.We watched the new mutiny DVD and got plowed.Dockstar and me got so drunk that we tried to brake into olis apartment…We also played Bomberman on the N64, it was awesome! Theres also this story of how we got Dolecki to the airport last year after a long night in the club,that was pretty crazy,too.

What would you change in BMX?
I dont know, I guess as long as I can ride my BMX with my friends every day nothing needs to be changed…

Where do you see BMX in 5 years?
In space

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
– A good session with friends.
– Riders that are stoked on riding their bikes, seeing kids on BMX bikes that are hyped and just have fun motivate me

Any shout outs?
Thanx to WeThePeople for the great support! All the bike parts, Road trips, Parties, good times in general.


Bike check:

FRAME : WeThePeople Warriors 21.3
STEM : Animal JumpOff
FORK : WeThePeople Excalibur
BAR : WeThePeople MadMax
GRIP : Animal Edwin
HEADSET : WeThePeople
CRANK : éclat
PEDAL : éclat
BB : WeThePeople
SPROCKET : WeThePeople
SEAT : éclat
REAR WHEEL : éclat

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Bruno Hoffmann

When your name looks like this you have a lot to live up to. With just a few years behind him as wethepeople’s youngest family member he is already on the right track and with the right attitude. But his age is not nearly as relevant as his riding….welcome to the future.

Date of birth?!

Where are you from?
I was born in Berlin but I only lived there for 2 weeks.
Now I life in Siegen, Germany. Loving it haha

Who do you ride for?
Redbull, Vans, Eastpak, People’s Store and wethepeople

Describe your current bike setup in three words.
Still pretty clean

Can you lace a wheel?

What got you into riding small kids bikes ?
Me and my neighbour built some jumps right behind our house but the real first contact with BMX was when my mom brought me a freedombmx issue one day. There was a Van Homan interview inside which I probably have read a billion times. I think the first video I saw was some old Soulbmx and head first which I got for christmas.

How many autographs did you sign?
I don’t know. But its been a few lately. It’s crazy

Do you have any interests besides riding?
One “interest” is school of course but besides that I pretty much only ride or hang out with friends at night. haha

BBQ or Veggieburger?!

Cigarettes or chewinggum?

What’s in your pockets?
Iphone, some coins, lighter, pens and homework from time to time.

What do you bring with you when you go out riding
It depends, when I go to my local park I don’t really bring anything besides something to drink sometimes.

Name 5 things you always bring on a roadtrip.
Ipod, socks, passport, clothing for sure I don’t even know.

Name your 5 favorites songs of all time
Slayer – Raining blood
Misfits – We are 138
Metallica – Whiplash
Johnny cash – One
Danzig – Mother
It could also be the whole Hell Awaits Slayer album.

Places you visited so far.
I´ve been to America twice and around Europe a lot. Never been to East Germany. I went to Israel last week, which is pretty much the craziest/most beautifulst place I been to.

Give me a random party story
Pretty much every party is good. Or we make the best out of it. I live close to the biggest brewery in Germany so “we have to drink”.

What would you change in BMX?
I don’t really know. I could say the hate on the message boards but until some point its funny I guess. Maybe the fixie trend.
Where do you see BMX in 5 years?
Completely different than now. But I don’t really know in which direction it will go.

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
Everything I guess. Videos and magazines for sure but more than that my local scene we have here. Its just really motivating to have a such good scene and super good friends here.

Any shout outs?
Thanks to everybody especially my parents for all the support also outside of BMX. Thanks to all my friends and people who help me out. Everyone at wtp, vans, redbull and eastpak. Thanks to my teachers for being so relaxed when I miss class.

Bike check:

FRAME: Chester Blacksmith Sleepless 2010.

FORK: Helium 25mm

BAR: Mad Maxx

GRIP: Mike Brennan Grips

HEADSET: wtp I guess.

CRANK: wtp Royal

PEDAL : eclat PVC

BB: wtp 19mm

SPROCKET: wtp 5 Star

SEAT : wtp Slim

FRONT WHEEL : Salt Rim and Supreme hub Feelin 2.25

REAR WHEEL : Salt Rim and éclat Teck hub Feelin 2.1


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Rahmen: Felt Sheriff 20.5″ ocean-blue
Gabel: Odyssey Classic Race Fork wht
Lenker: Felt Cranmer 8.25″ wht
Griffe: Odyssey Aaron Ross blk
Vorbau: Odyssey Elementary V3 blk
Sitzplatz: Felt Pivotal blk Parano Sattel
Hinterrad: Odyssey Hazard V3 36L LHD wht 9T, Odyssey K-Lyte Aitken Street Folding 1x 2.25
Vorderrad: Odyssey Vandero V2 wht,
Odyssey K-Lyte Aitken Street Folding 1 x 1.90
Grindoption: Odyssey J-Peg lighter 2x 10mm / 1x 14mm blk
Verzögerung: Fly-Bikes, Odyssey Modulever M2/rechts, Odyssey Linear Slick Cable blk 2x / 1 x London Mod und Odyssey Slim by Four clear, Odyssey GTX-R “SB” blk
Antrieb: Odyssey Twombolt Crank LHD 175mm wht, Odyssey Zwisted PC iPedals blaubeere, Odyssey Vermont Spr. blk 28T
Gewicht: Leichter
Customized Modifications: Hier und da ein paar geheime Sachen

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FRAME: Sunday Funday, 20″
FORK: Freestyle Fork
BARS: Lumberjack
STEM: Classic Front Load
HEADSET: Short Stack
GRIPS: Adam Banton 2, Olastic
LEVER: Monolever, Trigger
BRAKE (F): Evo II w/clear pads
TIRES: Aitken, Redwall, 2.25″
RIMS: G-Sport Ribcage
HUB (F): Vandero 2
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, 9t
CRANKS: Twombolt, 170mm
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy Too
SEAT: Senior 2, Pivotal

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Sorry – its a long time ago that I written something.

1. View video
2. look at the S.T.F.U tour.
3. fit-premier-flyer_big
4. i found a real hollow bmx game : bmx extreme stunts

Sorry I cant include a vimeo video. If somebody knows How I include it. pleas email or comment me. Thx.

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In November muenster had an bmx jam session
Muenster wants to be very popular


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