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The word was on the street that Bjoern has big Nike display in a sneaker store in Cologne downtown. So we got up early and checked that out

Besides yours truely wethepeople and Shadow Conspiarcy, Bjoern also rides for Nike 6.0
It was just a matter of time until they would print Bjoerns well formed ass on a big poster. The rumors were true and so we jumped on the racebikes and checked it out.

up to the downtown shoping center and looking for some hot Bjoern Elvering posters.

Finaly we made it and found the big sneakerstore and we were both stoked!

Next stop, coffee and breakfast. A good old german breakfast, no baked beans, no crossaint just pure and delicious!

It’s about time to go to work. Moltke str. calling and kids need new stuff from People’s Store.


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peoples store create a special color red bike in cooperation with Unity.
Its a subrosa/shadow/simple high end maschine for 999Euro instead of 1468.85 Euro.


• individual item to special price:
• follow parts are using in buildiung:
– frame: Subrosa Pandora 21″ | € 299.90
– fork: Subrosa Pandora | € 119.90
– driver: Subrosa Pandora 8.25″ | € 69.90
– grips: Subrosa Villicus | € 7.90
– stem: Subrosa Hold On | € 59.90
– handle: Shadow Torrid V2 175 mm | € 184.90
– pedal: Shadow Nostra PC | € 17.90
– chainwheel: Subrosa Skeleton Crew 25T | € 34.90
– chain: Shadow Interlock V2 | € 34.90
– saddle: Shadow Penumbra Sher Slimmer Pivotal | € 34.90
– saddle-bar: Subrosa Pivotal | € 24.90
– rim front: Shadow Stun | € 69.90
– rim back: Shadow Stun | € 69.90
– hub front: Simple Eject | € 99.90
– hub back: Simple Eject Cassette 9T | € 169.90
– tire front: Shadow Undertaker 2.25″ | € 34.90
– tire back: Shadow Undertaker 2.25″ | € 34.90
– Mid BB, spokes, Headset, tubes, rim bands: € 99.55
• weight: 10.44 kg
• sum of individual items: € 1468.85

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heres the last video of Vans wheels Rock

Watch here chapter 3 of 3

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Nike Tunnel Jam.
An event inside a tunnel that is underground.

sry for the extern video link: cant include this :/
Watch video

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Flybikes produce a new stem called “Alta”.
Alta means high in spanish.
It’s a top-bottom load stem with the same look as our Potencia.
The stand over is 23mm. top load and 6mm. bottom load, the same as our Potencia stem.
weight: is the same as the Potencia one with 255grs. / 9 oz.
colors: black, white, purple, red and polished.
It will be available on early December.

Tree Bicyle Co


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volcom_keyfobBe one of hundred orderer and order a Volcom Product on TITUS and get a free chain fob.

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